Driver compensation is a massive problem that trucking companies have ignored. For us, it was an opportunity to lead an effort to overhaul long-haul trucking. All we needed to do was find an alternate source to supplement the income of LHTDs. We found it—Revoke Adam Smith’s Exclusion rule. It gets us face-time with the profit centers of hundreds of thousands of trucking companies. The only thing to do after that is to fight them—for access—on the battlefield of free enterprise. Our competitive advantage is that ‘we care less about the profit’ because we give most of it away. It’s a unique selling proposition that we leverage to recruit LHTDs and secure freight for member companies of the Alliance. We designed a premier retirement program as the medium to transfer the profit we capture to those who opt-in. The only condition is that LHTDs must be employed by a member company of the Alliance. Captured income is delivered in three ways:

  1. Retirement income
  2. Signature line-of-credit (revolving)
  3. Supplemental income

Additional options include perpetual income and tax free income. All transferrable to next of kin. Special conditions apply.