Our vision is to enable every LHTD to retire from driving after 10 years and to live debt free and financially independent. We know that it’s possible IF you have the support of your family and friends, enough income, the right knowledge, adequate training, helpful tools, as well as, the desire, courage, discipline, patience, a game plan, an alignment of your conscious with the subconscious, and a positive attitude. We have designed an interactive virtual training center to cater to the needs and lifestyle of LHTDs, which means 1,200 interactive video segments—each 3 to 5 minutes long—accessible online with a smartphone. Segments are organized into 40 training purpose-specific modules with test pages for each. Must be completed by the driver or spouse to determine grade, which then impacts the income they receive. Our virtual training is divided into three core competencies:

  1. Focus areas (next 3 years)
  2. Journey way points (next 10 years)
  3. Course training (every day)

Living debt free and financially independent is not something you stumble upon. It takes enormous effort, which our training facilitates.