Every important aspect of human life relies on a fair and robust system to ensure a reliable outcome each time, for everyone, not just the top 1%. Many of these life enhancing systems are corrupted by subsystems that are designed to change the outcome in favor of one person over another. In most instances, the benefit is about money and more specifically it’s about extracting wealth, at any cost. All these wealth extraction subsystems take from the income of LHTDs, often in excess of what is reasonable. Five of the worst of these subsystems are:

  1. Amortization schemes that profit off poor money management
  2. Any version of Capitalism that invokes the Exclusion rule
  3. Legislation advocated by Crony Capitalism and paid-for by wealthy capitalists
  4. Excessive and unreasonable profiteering at any cost
  5. Government impropriety of more taxes and higher inflation

As part of our retirement program, we include services that attack these extraction subsystems to minimize their destructive effects.