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The BIG Picture: Industry Jumping by Wealthy Capitalists

Scattered along the perimeter of the Amazon rainforest are cattle farming communities. Over the decades the Amazon rainforest has gotten smaller and smaller as land is demolished to provide grazing for said cattle. The cattle move to a new piece of property, destroy it by consuming anything of value and leaving it unable to rebound […]

Transportation Equity Act of 2005

A funding and authorization bill, this continued regional transportation plans with federal spending designed to switch all state transportation programs to the metric system, promote specific management of transportation, force increased options (competition) for freight and in so doing, continue to saturate an already oversaturated market structure.

ICC Termination Act of 1995

No longer needed to regulate the industry, this act abolished the Interstate Commerce Commission and replaced it with the Surface Transportation Board, in favor of continued deregulation and market saturation to the point that the trucking industry remained untenable.

National Highway Designation Act of 1995

Designated about 160,955 miles of roads, including the Interstate Highway System. Congress was given the power to prioritize highway road projects, repeal federal speed limits, and require states to purchase new signs for the roads in question, thus encouraging easier transportation for truckers and worsening the problem of perfect competition save for the few wealthy […]