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Home Blog Why I Created Truckonomics

Find out why the Truckonomics team is so passionate about changing the trucking industry. In this post, our founder Myron explains what motivated him to create the Truckonomics program and dedicate his life to helping drivers get a fair deal.

What is Truckonomics?

It's an outside-the-box approach to a complex problem. A Truckonomics plan allows truck drivers to retire with income after 10 years of loyal service to a truck carrier by being a part owner in a fleet of income producing trucks.

I created Truckonomics to enrich truck drivers lives. Because they are the salt of the earth. Because they deserve to be enriched. And because no one else will do it for them. Not politicians. Not any business or special interest group. And certainly not an employer.

My name is Myron Manuirirangi. I live the life of a long-haul truck driver. For $0.54 per mile, I drive a class 8 commercial truck 165,464 miles a year in any weather, day or night, across all 48 states of the continental USA pulling a 53-foot-long, climate-controlled trailer loaded full of freight.

I was first introduced to the harsh reality of trucking after pulling into a terminal in the dead-of-night in Atlanta, Georgia. It was hot, humid, and raining. I came across a middle-aged man, large-in-stature, outside, soaking wet, sitting on the step of his truck, crying. He had just returned his truck after being fired. He had no money, and no way to get back to his home, which was 240 miles away. I was shocked.

I have carried that memory for seven years.

The crucial role of truck drivers

Looking back, nothing has changed. Truck drivers are still being cheated and exploited, and used like expendable tools. They are still grossly underpaid when you compare what they earn to what they do. They still leave their homes and families five-days-in-seven to make money. And they are still locked into living paycheck to paycheck.

Yet few people recognize truck drivers as having one of the two most important roles on the planet. They fail to understand that everything stops when the trucks stop. Imagine the catastrophic effects on every industry if fleets stopped moving.

For example, within 24 hours, hospitals will run out of food and basic supplies such as syringes and catheters. Medical supplies will cease. Radiopharmaceuticals will deteriorate and become unusable. Service stations will begin to run out of fuel. Manufacturing will develop component shortages. US mail and other package deliveries will stop. Within 48 hours, food shortages will begin to develop. Automobile fuel availability and delivery will dwindle, leading to skyrocketing prices and long lines at the gas pumps. Without manufacturing components and trucks for product delivery, assembly lines will shutdown, putting thousands out of work. Within 72 hours, food shortages will escalate. Supplies of essentials-such as bottled water, powdered milk, and canned meat-at major retailers will disappear. ATMs will run out of cash, and banks will be unable to process transactions. Service stations will completely run out of fuel. Garbage will start piling up in urban and suburban areas. Container ships will sit idle in ports and rail transport will be disrupted, eventually coming to a standstill.


They say the US trucking industry is the beating heart of our national economy. I say truck drivers give the heart of the US trucking industry its ability to beat.

And that is because truck drivers are an elite class of individuals who chivalrously serve the citizenry. They make unbelievable sacrifices. They take enormous risks on a daily basis. They overcome every difficulty imaginable. They spend 70 percent or more of their life away from home and apart from family and friends.

The truth is, millions of people, and hundreds of thousands of businesses who all operate exclusively inside the trucking industry, profit from the blood, sweat, and tears of truck drivers. Most of these people know the true value of truck drivers. But no one can afford to admit it. Brokers, shippers, and carriers all ignore it. And the approaching autonomous trucks will cause people to eventually forget about it permanently.

Time for change

Three years ago, I decided to do something about the imbalance. I wanted to find a way to give truck drivers what they deserved - a passive income, and the luxury to retire comfortably. To find out more about how Truckonomics plans work, read here.

I started by identifying the industry's problems, and challenges. I studied their interconnections, and why they overlapped. I discovered that every unsolvable problem in the industry today can be traced back to the same root cause—deregulation—the unrestricted entry of truck owners to the market which flooded the market with too much low quality competition. Almost every issue arose from that and fed into the driver shortage.

I knew the bulk of the money in trucking was in fleet ownership. I also knew the only chance a truck driver had to achieve fleet ownership, was in cooperation with other like-minded drivers. I created a financial model that made sense, and in turn found a solution to a problem that nobody in the industry has been able or willing to solve.

I came to the conclusion that truck drivers deserve, and can grab, a much larger share of the industry's enormous wealth. But truck drivers have got to stop looking to others for help. They do not need help from anyone. They have everything they need. All they need to do is recognize the power they hold in their hands, and follow a comprehensive plan—Truckonomics—that allows them to unite in a common cause—fleet ownership—to harness what I contend is the greatest power on earth-the collective power of unified truck drivers.

Collective power

Here's a simple example of how the collective power works:

Company A owns 100 trucks and employs 100 drivers. On the same day, all 100 drivers quit to go and drive for Company B. The effect is profound.

Company A completely collapses. Company B continues to thrive and adds 100 experienced drivers to its workforce, increases its annual net earnings, captures a larger share of the market, and raises its net worth, all at no cost. The 100 drivers prove their individual worth and force both companies to realize the true value of their ability to act as a collective, which also gives them incredible leverage to negotiate a deal with Company B.

The lesson in the above example is that truck drivers already have the power to change anything they deem necessary. With Truckonomics, they can reshape the face of trucking by voting on which companies stay and which companies go. They can force the repeal of any regulation, in particular, the ELD mandate, by applying economic pressure in places that impact the political careers of politicians who vote. They can even apply similar economic pressure against state and local governments to push back on over-the-top enforcement of DOT regulations. Two examples could be demanding hours-of-operation restrictions on weigh stations, or the creation of annual citation waivers that benefit truck drivers.

This is the power truck drivers have at their fingertips today.

If you want to know how you can become part of a collective and benefit from changing the face of the trucking industry forever, click here.

Become Part of the Collective

If you want to know how you can become part of a collective and benefit
from changing the face of the trucking industry, click here.

About the author

Truckonomics Media

I live the life of a long-haul truck driver. For $0.54 per mile, I drive a class 8 commercial truck 165,464 miles a year in any weather, day or night, across all 48 states of the continental USA pulling a 53-foot-long, climate-controlled trailer loaded full of freight.


  • Thomas

    I stumbled onto this website. Most professional websites like this are a scam. Time has proven me correct. Fraud fraud fraud.

  • Jim

    I assume that you taken your own advice and become a multi billionaire? It's obvious that you have too much time on your hands while in the cab. And your mind goes to fantasy. There are so many flaws in your logic. I'm better off giving my money to a trucker in need than advancing your lifestyle.

  • Tom Loudaar

    My brother and I have been in the trucking industry for 25+ years. We've seen every attempt known to man to try and pry money away from the hard working and under appreciated trucker. This is just another attempt to con drivers into a get rich quick scheme. The trucking industry is dependent on the economy and you can NOT predict a 10 year forecast with accuracy. Truckers have become wish to these "to good to be true" once in a lifetime opportunities. You are just like all the rest. Just another con man seeking his 15 minutes of fame and a non refundable deposit. Stay in your truck and stop trying to steal our money!!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Bunch

    Why would I give you $250 per month? You don't have economies of scale. You don't have a network system. And you don't have an existing infrastructure. If starting a large scale trucking company was profitable then we'd see it being done. It's not being done for a reason and you're idea isn't well thought through. You can NOT bully the trucking companies. It will NOT happen. You are uneducated to the industry and no trucker or a trucking company is going to give your idea any merit. What happens when you take the money and run? Will you leave a forwarding address?

  • Bill Rolm

    This is a great program for going broke. No trucking company can distribute 60% and survive. The concept has common sense flaws. I’ve owned a large trucking company for many years. Profit sharing plans in this industry are rare. And you want $250 per month? Why should we finance your trucks? Bankruptcy is in your future Truckonomics.

    • Michael

      I agree. This program is without merit. A lot of fancy financial presentation but common sense tells me to stay away.

  • Thomas

    This is without a doubt a scam. Don't waste your time. I have been in the trucking industry 30 years at every level and in every negotiating seat. Do you want to trust the trucking industry and a no name company with your retirement or would you prefer to trust your money with a proven and structured investment platform - Wall Street. If you don't trust me then do your own research. This idea is NOT new. It has failed before and will again for the same reasons. Truckers don't make the money they deserve. But if you invest your retirement into an unproven company and lose it, then where does that leave you? Do your research. This is a "smoke and mirrors" attempt to get your money. No company in their right mind will implement this into their company benefits package. In addition, this company wants to take away the Independent driver? So much for the trucker brotherhood!!!

    • Mitchell Downs

      The financial return is IMPOSSIBLE. And to tie his concept to a retirement program is absolutely never going to happen. Wake up Truckonomics and get real. We truck drivers have been scammed for years and we are tire of it. Guys like you are a dime a dozen out here on the road. Another nobody with a brilliant idea that never works. Your distribution model is so far from reality that it makes me and my buddies laugh. Try owning your own truck and then report back to us on your survival rate. You won't make it 3 months incorporating your business model upon yourself. Focus on driving a truck and leave the truck drivers alone. It's a black eye on our profession when you try to pull a con job on good and hard working drivers.

  • Don Bigote

    About time drivers got a piece of the action. For the last 100 years, drivers have been exploited on a level of the mule / horse / oxen teams they used to drive. Capitalist owners compete with shippers for the few pennies of profit per mile between expenses and revenue. Caught in the middle is the driver, whose labor makes it all happen, and whose grudgingly-given pennies per mile is the most vulnerable. Having a source of additional PASSIVE income while driving is the only common sense solution. Having a secure retirement income AFTER a 10-yr career in driving is only possible by becoming an owner-investor, rather than an owner-operator, or exploited employee wage-slave. Driving forever is a dead end life, not a career, but driving SMART, CAN be the MEANS to achieving a goal of financial security with a plan like this.

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