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Drivers Choice™

The Choice is Simple

Truckonomics offers truck drivers a chance to become a part owner in a fleet of revenue-generating trucks and earn a livable income without ever having to leave home again. The price is unbelievable, payments are affordable, but the sacrifice is unimaginable. You have to drive for one of the top 25 largest carrier firms for at least 5 years. But how much of a sacrifice is that, really?

Consider this:

The average pay for an OTR company driver is less than $4,000 gross per month in the first two years. Maybe more than $6,000 after five years. Never more than $7,000 ever. The average independent owner-operator may pocket more than $8,000 per month. Both drivers are locked into driving a truck and spending 7 years of every 10 away from home and family.

Truckonomics Options

One Truckonomics Income Plan will cost $7,470 and produce an estimated $127,254 over an 11 year term. One Truckonomics Wealth Plan will cost $8,127 and produce an estimated $204,578 over an 11 year term, which equates to a perpetual or passive income of $40,472 after 8 years.

If that isn’t enough, reinvest the dividend money and buy more plans.

Can you imagine owning 15 trucks and earning a six figure income in the next 10 years? All it takes is $249 per month x 30 months, and driving for one of the top 25 largest carrier firms for at least 5 years. So now the BIG question is this: Who would you drive for?

One Voice Can Change Everything

The interactive voting section below is your first opportunity to speak out and help decide which carrier firms will grow up to ten-times their existing capacity over the next 10 years because like-minded truck drivers came together and chose it.

Vote for Your Top Five Carriers

IF you had to choose, which five companies listed below would you drive for?

For almost a century, truck drivers have been ignored. Not any more. The change drivers deserve starts with one voice. Your voice will make a difference. Help us carry the voice of truck drivers around the world.

*For your vote to count, you must use a valid email address.

Voting Results

Preferred Carrier Firms

The chart below presents the real-time results of visitors to our site who voted. Company names not listed above but displayed below have votes in their favor but no so many that they made the top 10 list. Bookmark this page and follow the results. Our chart is automatically updated after every vote.