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Coming in 2018

Theme Trucks

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What are Theme Trucks?

Our core product is a fleet of income-producing class 8 commercial custom-wrapped trucks. Categories of our custom-wrap include nation, corporations, national events, professional sports teams, destinations, cities, State pride, and special order.

Our theme trucks play a central role in nurturing the health and vitality of the trucking industry, unifying large truckload carrier firms, truck drivers, driver families, and generating income for each, respectively.
Their flamboyant designs engage the general public on a level never before seen in trucking, which we recognize will ultimately lead to more opportunities for partner carriers.

Vehicles and Equipment

The Truckonomics plan will guarantee part-ownership of brand new, quality vehicles, and we will offer four tractor-truck options: a Freightliner Cascadia 125 EVO, a Kenworth T680, a Peterbilt 579, and a Volvo VNL64T780 or a Volvo VNL64T860.

Each with automatic or 13-speed manual transmissions, a minimum 500 horsepower, a TriPac Evolution Diesel auxiliary power unit (APU), a mandatory electronic logging device (ELD), a comfortable seat, maximum storage, refrigerator, microwave, flat screen TV, Bluetooth stereo and surround sound system, BIG radio, dashboard camera, a Garmin GPS for Trucks navigational system, and internet-ready devices, which include an iPad and iPhone or Samsung.

We also provide two reefer trailer options: a 53' Utility 3000R or a 53' Wabash, and two dry van trailer options of either a 53' Utility 4000DX or a 53' Stoughton Air Ride

The Benefits of Becoming a Part-Owner of a Theme Truck through Truckonomics

Making the decision to become a traditional owner driver is usually a difficult one. It involves not just the driving itself, but managing the added stress of running a business and all of the administration that goes with it.

As a member of the Truckonomics plan, you can realize your dream of becoming an owner without the need to worry about licensing, maintenance, insurance, record keeping, invoicing, customer service, scouting for experienced drivers, sourcing loads, or choosing freight.

We take away the stress and do all that for you. And while you continue to drive for one of our partner carriers, you can be sure that your truck is on its way to becoming a fleet of trucks and is generating returns.