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You are an expendable tool and that will never change

Home Blog You are an expendable tool and that will never change

As a long haul truck driver in the world of capitalism, whether as a company driver (employee) or independent owner operator (self-employed), you have no intrinsic value. You have only a "use" or useful value which is limited to your ability to arrive on-time without incident. Anyone who tells you different is either ignorant, lying or does not want the cost or hassle to replace you. Don't believe me? Start arriving late to your appointments. Watch how quick your importance disappears.

As ugly as this truth is, what is important to you and your future financial independence is to recognize that this is what you are today. Accept it. And then decide what you want tomorrow: Status quo? Or retire in the next 10 years with a pension of $150,000 per year for the rest of your life?

Both are possible. One is easy. The other requires a change in how you think to change how you act to change what you get to get what you want.

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Truckonomics Media

I live the life of a long-haul truck driver. For $0.54 per mile, I drive a class 8 commercial truck 165,464 miles a year in any weather, day or night, across all 48 states of the continental USA pulling a 53-foot-long, climate-controlled trailer loaded full of freight.


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      Truckonomics is like an employee benefits program for truck drivers. It has its own compensation plan which is self-funded by a fleet of revenue-generating trucks. We give the ownership of these trucks to drivers who opt-in. They continue driving for a top 25 carrier but collect a share of the profits from the fleet of trucks which they own. Up to 90 percent.

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