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Trucking Trends: 5 Apps to Rev-Up on the Road

Home Blog Trucking Trends: 5 Apps to Rev-Up on the Road

Thanks to fast-moving technology, working as a truck driver nowadays is quite a bit different than it was in years past, and you might say things have gotten better in many ways. From revamped roads and roomier rigs, to the capability of smart devices that allow quick and constant communication with the world, including your family, life on the road is considerably more comfortable than it used to be. On top of this, there are new digital ‘tools’ that can assist in making the ride even smoother, and we wanted to share a few of the best with you. 

SO, here are 5 recent and reliable apps that you may want to rev-up the next time you head out on the highway, whether it’s a short run or a long haul. They are all available on most devices and you can try each one out for FREE, which means you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot of ground to gain! 

Trucker Path

We chose to feature Trucker Path  first basically because of its versatility and wide variety of useful functions. While a lot of apps often specialize in one specific area of assistance, this super-app is considered an essential work companion by countless truck drivers across the U.S. and Canada. In fact, it was actually created by experienced Truckers who really know what’s required when out on the road. Perhaps that’s why it is among the most popular apps for people within the trucking industry throughout North America and continues to receive rave reviews.

The Handy Tools in Trucker Path Will Help You:

    • Secure Safe Truck Parking ★  Real-time updates
    • Map Out Your Route with Trip Planner ★ GPS 
    • Find Fuel Stops with Fitting Truck Clearance
    • Locate Weigh Station Information & Scales  
    • Find Truck Stops Fast ★ 24/7

    Given all these useful features, it’s easy to see why this app currently has a COMMUNITY of over 600,000 truck drivers, which keeps on growing every day! Plus, the platform provides up-to-date information on over 6,000 Truck Stops in the U.S. and Canada. From contact info such as phone numbers and emails, to the full-scoop on nearby restaurants and much more…you’ll be better ready for the road with this free digital friend. Of course, there are In-App Purchase options available as well as an upgrade, but it’s usually best to start out with the basics and then decide what works for you after downloading and taking it for a test run!


    Fuelbook is an exceptionally efficient app that helps entire fleets and owner-operators keep the constantly rising cost of fuel down to a minimum. It does so by detecting the lowest gasoline rates along your route while figuring in distances at the same time. Then this app determines the most economical option and directs you to that location. With the capability of speeding thru digital data on more than 7,000 Truck Stops across the U.S., it is able to find the best prices nearby no matter what neck of the woods you happen to be in. That’s why well over 100,000 people have already downloaded this invaluable yet FREE frugal app!   

    The Full-Tank of Features:

       Provides Current Diesel Gas Prices at Over 7,000 Truck Stops

      • Roadside Assistance and Repair Shop Finder
      • Truck Stop Specials ★ Nationwide
      • Updated 6x Daily
      • GPS Check-in 

      As many apps do, this one allows you to better focus on the job at hand and highway ahead while it handles the somewhat complex discount calculations and deciding the correct route to follow for fueling up. This makes it simple for any company or driver to save money whenever possible. Plus, the highly-rated application works with both iPhone and Android devices, making it accessible to almost everybody. Regardless of the type of trucking or distance of driving you regularly do, it all adds up in the long run. So, it only makes good ‘cents’ to tap into an app like Fuelbook

      While there are certainly similar apps that will assist you with GPS services and interactive mapping, Waze is miles ahead of the rest. Though others may provide real-time directions to  an address you enter, this one goes way beyond that! By virtually connecting drivers to one another, this app creates local driving communities that can easily work together to improve the quality of every users drive. With its innovative and user-friendly interface, this app will tell you exactly what obstacles lie ahead on practically any route and then provide a preferential alternative. In fact, by merely leaving the app open/active during your drive, it permits your device to passively contribute traffic info and other insightful road data, which will help other truckers and app users on THEIR drive. Members also have the option to play a more active role by contributing info on road reports regarding accidents, police traps and roadblocks, or any other hazards along the way. When you and other ‘wazers’ in the area effortlessly share real-time info, everyone who uses the app will surely save time and maybe some money too!

      What is Waze a Whiz with?

      • Calculating an Accurate ETA Based on Live-Traffic Data
      • Locating the Most Current & Community-Edited Maps 
      • Avoiding Traffic, Police, and Potential Road Hazards
      • Fastly Finding the Latest & Most Convenient Routes
      • Locating the Lowest Gasoline Rates 

      Those are the main and many reasons that Waze is currently the largest community-based traffic and navigation application in the world. Of course, being FREE might have something to do with the remarkable number of people who regularly ‘participate’ with this interactive app. The nice thing is that once you own the FREE app, you’ll become part of a network that presently has more than 100,000,00 drivers! Therefore, hitting the road and getting to your destination in a safe and timely manner should be a breeze provided the weather agrees. And that actually leads us to the next  and last application, which is considered to be an absolute necessity by a ton of truckers! 

      The Weather Channel

      The Weather Channel is an app that’s essential for basically anyone who works within the Trucking Industry, whether on wheels or your feet managing a fleet. Seeing as though the weather plays a really BIG part in whether or not a run goes smoothly, staying informed from the very start with local and national weather updates is vital. Closely track developing storms while receiving important up-to-the-minute safety and preparedness tips. As a trucker, you’ll truly appreciate being immediately notified of wind advisories, tornado and severe storm warnings, and any other bad weather in the region of your route. 

      Keeps You Prepared by Providing: 

      • Accurate in-depth Reports
      • Real-time Doppler Radar 
      • Severe Weather Alerts 
      • Breaking News Alerts

      Additional Features

      We’ve all encountered severe weather while working out on the road, which is surely no fun for anyone, regardless of how far you’re going or what kind of load you are carrying. That’s why it’s imperative to keep yourself informed of conditions at all times by receiving regular and news updates relevant to your region. This is literally a no-brainer due to the app’s Cognitive Home Screen that automatically detects your location and relays the info to you. It also has several other features that may be useful, such as a Seasonal Section with info about things such as flu activity in the area, pollen levels for people with allergy issues, and much more… SO, considering that it’s totally FREE and available on most devices, there really is NO reason to be stuck out on the highway without this or a similar reliable app! Wherever work takes you, you’ll be better able to weather the road with this convenient and complimentary application.

      Audiobooks.com is a ‘semi-suitable’ sidekick for truckers who would like something other than music or the news to keep them alert and audibly entertained. Of course, it’s even better if you often travel far and really love to read but realize it’s dangerously difficult to do while driving, (not to mention unlawful!) Whether you want to hear an engaging story, learn about a certain subject, or listen to an in-depth interview, all of the above is possible with this instantaneous app. It contains a colossal collection of over 100,000 premium audiobooks, which makes finding the time to be inspired, educated and entertained by books really easy. 

      The Noteworthy ‘Novel’ties Include:

      • Easy Navigation ★ Quick Touch Actions & Expanded Visual Interface
      • Stable Streaming Anytime, Anywhere via Wi-Fi and/or Mobile Data
      • Tons of Titles ★ All the Classics Along with the Latest Releases
      • A Notes Tool for Creating Custom Bookmarks & Memos  
      • Crystal Clear High-Quality Digital Audio

      To set the story straight, everything you require to get launched and listening is right inside the app, which is super-simple to navigate. Furthermore, not only is it FREE to download but another great aspect is the diverse library with wide variety of over 8,000 complimentary audio titles they have to select from. Plus, they pleasingly add hundreds of new titles every week! Reliable streaming lets you enjoy an entire library without taking up precious storage space on your device, but if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, then downloading before leaving is best. Lastly, your audio book library is yours to keep! Considering all this, it’s likely to be at least a little while before you’ll have to spend any money on books 😉

      There you have it! Hopefully this info has been helpful and that it contributes to making your trucking travels easier and even more enjoyable. While some of these apps do have similar features, there are different bells and whistles, which you’ll eventually discover while using them. Also, always remember to read the fine print/details for each app. This is because despite being free to download initially it might only be a ‘Trial Period’, and you’ll probably want to find out about any kind of future fees upfront. Either way, whether you pay or not, application subscriptions typically go month-to-month and can be canceled at any time. 

      Although the apps listed here will undoubtedly assist with lightening the load on the road, unfortunately they don’t do EVERYTHING for you! This is especially true when it comes to managing your money and career correctly which is usually something you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Yet luckily, we’re here to lend a hand and help steer truckers in the right direction. Therefore, keep on reading if you’d like to learn more!

      About US and Our Mission

        Truckonomics is an innovative up-and-coming program that will actually allow truck drivers the opportunity to become investors and part-owners in revenue-generating trucks. Offered in partnership with the largest over-the-road (OTR) trucking firms, once officially launched it is guaranteed to be a truly rewarding employee benefit program that will eventually provide drivers with the option of retiring on a livable income after just 10 years of loyal service with one of our partner operators. 

      Today, it is easier than ever to operate efficiently in the transportation industry—but are your finances efficient, too? 

      Our mission is to work with an exclusive group of large truckload carrier firms operating in Canada, the USA, and Mexico, providing a unique turnkey service that benefits the most important contributors in the truckload freight industry. With this model, Shippers get affordable services they can trust, and Carrier Firms remove the risk and overhead of driver shortages as well as high employee turnover rates. Yet most importantly, Truck drivers earn more money and are much more motivated with a brighter future on the horizon! 

      We aim to revolutionize the trucking industry, to put some power back in the hands of truck drivers and to raise the profile of the profession through fair compensation. We also realize that the best and basically only chance to solve the biggest problems in the industry is by banding together and that no third-party or is ever coming to our aid. We will provide a framework for drivers to finally recoup the benefits they deserve and to ultimately retire rather comfortably! 

      We really need and would greatly appreciate your support - 

      PLEASE Sign Our Petition TODAY for better Trucking conditions tomorrow!

      The best and only true way for US to get a better deal as truck drivers is if we band together and DEMAND change while creating a credible solution that benefits everyone. 

      Remember, if WE don’t lookout for ourselves as well as each other, who will!? 

      About the author

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      I live the life of a long-haul truck driver. For $0.54 per mile, I drive a class 8 commercial truck 165,464 miles a year in any weather, day or night, across all 48 states of the continental USA pulling a 53-foot-long, climate-controlled trailer loaded full of freight.

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