The Blueprint to Prosperity for loyal Truck Drivers.

A plan that will change trucking forever. And create greater prosperity for every one—Drivers. Carriers. And shippers too.

An action plan that will redirect more of the wealth in Trucking to drivers, to create greater prosperity for EVERY one—Drivers. Carriers. And shippers too.


Wages-per-mile makes you a slave to the road. It will NEVER make you rich, or financially secure.

Truck drivers do not know how valuable they are. Nor how powerful they can be.

Because of that, you might not know how easy it is for you to be rich and debt free.

Cents-per-mile(CPM) is an abusive compensation plan. Not because of the money drivers make, but rather the work they do for FREE. And the time they give for NO reward—unpaid slave labor!

The Problem04
The Motor Carrier Act of 1980

Invest in the SHARE of THE PROFIT of trucks. Not in the stock of the company that owns the trucks.

Use the money in a 401(k) and IRA for the investment.

Drive for the best carrier who contributes the most to your 401(k).

CPM + share-of-profit is the new standard in driver compensation. In addition to a paycheck, you can now SHARE in THE PROFIT of a fleet of trucks, as reward for ALL your time and labor.

Our Solution05
Fractional Truck Ownership

Truckonomics owns new top-of-the-line trucks. You collectively share in the MAJORITY of the profit of these trucks.

You contribute to a 401(k) and an IRA. The minimum is $250 every month for 36 months.

Your monthly contribution is invested in our profit-share program. If your employer matches you, that money is also invested for you.

Truckonomics owns the trucks. You contribute to a 401(k) or an IRA. As little as $250 every month for 36 months, plus any employer-match is invested in the profit-share program.

How It Works07
Unify Contributors. Leverage Capital

Invest $250 every month for 36 months in a fleet of five trucks.

You share in 60% OF THE PROFIT of the fleet every year for 9 years.

Reinvest proceeds to compound your gain and income. By year 11, with your employers match, your fleet grows to 24 trucks.

After 12 years, your average passive income is estimated to be $50,153 every year.

Invest $250 x 36 months. Projected GAIN is $66,229 over 12 years. But, reinvest the initial investment every 3 years, with employer-match, the gain over the same 12 years is $294,970.

The Numbers09
Standard Fleet Over 12 Years

Collect a secure paycheck from the best carriers.

Unlimited potential to make more money

Get more time at home, debt free and financially secure.

Profit on the rewards of fleet ownership and no hassles.

Build a permanent passive income for when you retire.

If you WANT MORE than $294,970, you invest more than $250 every month x 36 months. Unlike the abusive CPM, you make money, even when you stop driving.

The Benefits11
Debt Free and Rich in Under 12 Years

Your projected gain over 12 years is $294,970. That equates to an average of $25,331 per year, if you include your $9,000 initial investment.

Annualized rate of return is 34.1%. Even the top 10 Mutual Funds for 2018 only averaged 14.6%.

Invest your money in something you know. You know trucks. You do not know Mutual Funds.

The annualized RATE of return on the projected gain of $294,970 PLUS your $9,000 initial investment is 34.1%. Compared to the top 10 Mutual Funds for 2018: only averaged 14.6%

How Does Truckonomics Compare

Your paycheck will ALWAYS BE LIMITED to the miles you drive. That means every thing else you do is unpaid labor.

It is high time you take the money you deserve from the $800Bn trucking industry which you help nurture.

Go beyond a single paycheck to the SHARE of THE PROFIT of multiple income-producing trucks.

Every mega carrier owner does it. Why not you?

Your PAYCHECK will always be limited to the miles you drive. Its time to ADD to your TOTAL INCOME, a share in the profit of a fleet of trucks. Owners of mega carriers do it. You can too!

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