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How It Will Work?

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For Truckload Carriers

The aim of Truckonomics is to reduce the amount of low-quality competition and provide an incentive program for truck drivers that fosters loyal long-term relationships with the largest carriers. Ten loyal experienced drivers? That's great. Now imagine how 100 loyal experienced drivers willing to offer you ten years of service tomorrow would reduce overheads and provide you with peace of mind.

By adopting the Truckonomics plan, you offer your employees a chance to become part owners of a fleet of income-generating trucks. This provides them with future security and an incentive to stay loyal to your firm. This means less driver turnover for you and an ability to attract experienced drivers from other smaller carriers.

By encouraging more experienced drivers to join and stay with the larger carriers, we can change the landscape of the trucking industry and make it better for everyone. The oversaturation of small carriers affects the industry's ability to grow organically. You can find out more about how Truckonomics seeks to address that here.

So, what does it cost you to become a Truckonomics partner? Absolutely nothing. Just let us prepare your recruiters for the tsunami of new recruits, introduce us to your drivers, and we'll do the rest.

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The Truckonomics Plan Explained

The Truckonomics plan offers drivers a way to become part investors and owners in revenue-generating trucks. The way Truckonomics achieves that is by selling stock in a company that owns a theme truck. Ninety percent of the company is be allotted to up to 10 owners. The remaining ten percent to 1 owner. The purpose is to connect owners to the trucking industry's enormous wealth at a significantly lower price and with much less risk.

Here's how it works:

  • Drivers commit to a Truckonomics investment plan by either making an upfront payment or paying in installments. This gives them a 1/9th share in a revenue-generating truck with a driver and all the equipment it needs to make a profit
  • Truckonomics works with large carriers to ensure that the themed trucks owned by investors are busy and generating income. For the first three years, the collective uses the income from the truck to buy more trucks and to repay investors the face value of their initial investment, and generate more profit
  • Meanwhile, the driver-investor continues to work his day job in trucking, committing to drive for any one of our partner carriers for the time he is a member of the program under the usual terms and conditions
  • After 10 years the driver has the option to retire with income from all of the trucks he has invested in

The Truckonomics Timeline

Day 1

You call a recruiter from a partner carrier firm. They explain the benefits of driving for their company, and the procedures for getting started with the Truckonomics plan. After prequalifying over the phone, they send you a new-hire packet.

Week 1

You choose a partner carrier firm that fits you best. Complete the new-hire packet they send you, and return it as soon as possible. Make every effort to follow their procedures and any instructions to ensure a seamless transition and the best possible start.

Month 1

You climb into a truck of the partner carrier firm you choose. Select a Truckonomics asset package, payment plan, and a theme truck. Complete and sign a purchase agreement and, if necessary, an application for financial assistance, and designate an existing retirement facility or setup a new qualified retirement plan (QRP) with an approved third-party tax attorney.

Year 1 to Year 3

Your investment money, together with the money of your new partners, is used as a down-payment on your truck(s) and to pay vital expenses that make your ownership possible. In addition, a loan is secured to pay the shortfall on your truck(s).

All net income from your truck(s) is accumulated and used to purchase additional trucks, and repay a large portion of your original investment. No dividends are paid during the first three years.

Year 4

For income packages, dividend payments begin from the year 4 and continue every year until the close of business. Payments are paid quarterly. For equity packages, all net income is used to accelerate the repayment of debt. Once debt free, all net income will be rolled-into additional asset packages.

At 500,000 miles or the end of year 4, your truck(s) are replaced with a new truck of comparable capacity and performance.

Year 5

For equity packages, net income may continue to be used to purchase additional theme truck(s).

Year 8

At 500,000 miles or the end of year 8, your trucks will be sold and proceeds of the sale distributed as a dividend payment to you and your partners.

Year 10

At the close of year 10, any remaining assets will be liquidated, the enterprise closed-out, and any remaining equity distributed as a dividend payment to you and your partners.

We believe there's power in numbers. Truckonomics simply puts together like-minded drivers who want to become truck owners and helps them start making a profit from the get-go.

If you'd like to see this plan become a reality, sign our petition so future partners will recognize the demand!