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Terms and Definitions


A truck owner in the broadest sense. Typically owns more than 5 trucks, is authorized by the DOT to operate, and employs administrative staff to support the business activities of their trucks. Related forms include, carrier firm, trucking company, truckload carrier.

Collective Power

A measurable force resulting from cooperating individuals who act in harmony as one to enhance their joint power over a third party.

Cooperation Capital

The total presumed value after combining the intangible values of two or more persons


An acronym for the U.S. Department of Transportation.


An acronym for the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration is a division of the D.O.T. and the lead agency responsible for regulating and providing safety oversight of commercial motor vehicles (CMV).

Fleet Collective

a group of individuals who each purchase an equity interest in the same truck. Related forms include, fleet owners, owners, investors, purchasers

Income Erosion

The process by which revenue is reduced each time it is exchanged.

Independent Owner Operator

A truck owner who typically owns less than 5 trucks. Not authorized by the DOT to operate. Related forms include, independent, owner-operator, OO.


A carrier firm with 50,000 trucks or more in its fleet or who is assessed by as having the capacity to own 50,000 trucks or more over the next 10 years.

Partner Carrier

A carrier authorized by us to offer the Truckonomics program as an employee benefits program to its employees and affiliates.

Prosperity Quadrants

A set of four distinct frameworks-of-thought or mindsets that shape an individuals perception of prosperity and influences his or her decisions that contribute to attaining it.

Truckload Carrier

A carrier that generally contracts as an entire trailer-load to a single customer.